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Conference|Data Governance for Sharing Smart City Data: Lessons from Sidewalk Toronto

To attend the conference, please RSVP by following this link. Pour s’inscrire à la conférence, suivre ce lien. Conference Information Data governance for data sharing – particularly where some or all of the data are sourced from human activity – raises issues of ownership, privacy, ethics and even sovereignty. This presentation organized by the Centre […] Read more

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À l’occasion du Colloque ALAI-AJAVA Paradigmes changeants : quels constats tirer ? portant sur la révision du droit d’auteur et ayant eu lieu à Montréal le 18 juin 2019, Professeur Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse et Angèle Poupard ont préparé le tableau ci-dessous, comparant les rapports remis par Rapport du Comité permanent de l’industrie, des sciences et de la technologie […] Read more

Presentations and papers

Recap: Regulating Innovation: Law and the Creative District workshop

On April 15th, 2016, Professors Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse and Allison Christians hosted a workshop along with Jacob Heyka (2L student and project leader), and a team of ten law student researchers, as part of their SSHRC-funded research project “Regulating Innovation: Law and the Creative District” at the Centre d’entreprises et d’innovation de Montréal in the Quartier de […] Read more

Presentations and papers

Recap on the CIPP/Lallemand/McGill Arbitration Student Society Seminar

On January 20th the CIPP was pleased to partner with the McGill Arbitration Student Society to organize a seminar led by one of our own doctoral candidates, Lukas Vanhonnaeker. Lukas Vanhonnaeker mainly focuses on international trade law and international investment law, and, in this seminar, discussed their intersection with intellectual property law. Mr. Vanhonnaeker structured […] Read more