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Food Revolutions and the Law of Food – Les enjeux locaux, nationaux et internationaux Monday February 18th, 15h-17h, Room 16 Old Chancellor Day Hall, McGill Faculty of Law, 3644 rue Peel, Free Entry for General Public, Bar Credit for CLE 30$ Food for Law Week will begin with two keynote speakers who will set the […] Read more

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IP News January 2019

Welcome to IP News This Month, your monthly round-up of intellectual property developments, culled from news reports around the globe. Please send any comments toJeff—and tell your friends to subscribe here!  Top 3 Stories U.S. Justice Department indictment accuses Huawei of stealing trade secrets from phone carrier, placing Canada in the middle of a superpower showdown Getting FUCT: In […] Read more

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CIPP/Lallemand seminar “Poisonous Science : the Dark Side of Academic Copyright in the Digital Age”

Lecturer: Prof. Roberto Caso Abstract: Copyright on academic and scientific publications (papers, articles, essays, books etc.) is the result of the interaction between formal rules (copyright law), social norms (norms of science) and technology (printing press, digital technologies). Prior to the digital age, academic copyright has had two main functions. a) Priority. The acknowledgment of […] Read more


MINI-COLLOQUE (ALAI Canada): Réforme de la Loi sur le droit d’auteur

À l’aube du processus d’examen quinquennal de la Loi sur le droit d’auteur par les parlementaires institué par la Loi sur la modernisation du droit d’auteur de 2012 et suite au dévoilement de la politique culturelle de la ministre du Patrimoine canadien, l’ALAI a jugé pertinent de se pencher sur la potentielle réforme à venir […] Read more

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Conférence francophone sur l’intelligence artificielle (Revue de droit de McGill)

La Revue de droit de McGill est très heureuse de vous présenter sa conférence francophone qui aura lieu le 20 novembre à 13h00 au local 312. Cette année, nous discuterons de l’intelligence artificielle. Nos panélistes seront Madame Christelle Papineau, étudiante chercheuse à l’université de Montréal et Maître Éric Léveillé, avocat chez Lavery. De plus, notre […] Read more

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Innovation in Context 2: Scaling Up

The second annual Innovation in Context conference will take place on Saturday, November 18, from 9am – 5pm. This year’s theme is scaling up innovations—scaling up firms to international markets, scaling up the innovation ecosystem, and scaling up diversity. We can’t wait to continue the conversation on innovation in Montreal with our seasoned speakers from home and […] Read more


Mythes, Western et propriété intellectuelle

Série «Droit sur l’art» Appropriation culturelle et liberté d’expression : la propriété intellectuelle à l’heure de la réconciliation L’imitation est peut-être parfois une forme de flatterie, mais elle peut être aussi un acte de domination voire de spoliation. On emprunte pour parodier, pour critiquer, mais on copie aussi pour profiter. Nos lois sanctionnent le contrefacteur quels […] Read more

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CIPP/Lallemand Seminar “Brexit: Creating A New IP Landscape?”

Graeme B. Dinwoodie is the Professor of Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law at the University of Oxford, Director of the Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre, and a University Professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law. He has previously taught at the National University of Singapore (as the Yong Shook Lin Professor in Intellectual Property Law), New York University University […] Read more

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Terroir in a cup (or of wine, place and quality) – Sponsored by the Lallemand Food Law Project

CIPP, the Lallemand Food Law Project and the McGill Food Law Society invite you to a roundtable discussion about the role of terroir and geographical indications in wine law. Matteo Ferrari is an assistant professor of private law at the University of Trento, Italy, where he teaches the law of food and wine. He has […] Read more

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CIPP/Lallemand Seminar: Hacktivism

CIPP/Lallemand Seminar: Hacktivism Lundi 23 octobre, 13h00-14h30, 3644 Peel, local 316 This talk will explore how big data analytics are used to monitor security vulnerability disclosures in the dark market, and how to prevent the zero-day vulnerabilities from becoming escalated acts of persistent advanced cybersecurity threats.  Vulnerabilities are lucrative commodities in the dark market as well as […] Read more

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CIPP/Lallemand Seminar: Patenting Computer Implemented Inventions (CII) – The European Patent Office Experience  (co-sponsored by Goudreau Gage Dubuc)

CIPP/Lallemand Seminar: Patenting Computer Implemented Inventions (CII) – The European Patent Office Experience Lecturers : Cristina Lopes Margarido & Falk Giemsa Respondent : Gonzalo Lavin, ing., Patent Agent (Goudreau Gage Dubuc) Friday, October 20, 2017, New Chancellor Day Hall, Room 202, 13:00-14:30 The presentation concerns the examination practice of computer-implemented inventions (CII) in the field of business methods, gaming, […] Read more

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Responsible Openness: What you need to know to get started today – RDA 10th Plenary Collocated event

CIPP’s Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse speaking at Research Data Alliance’s 10th Plenary session, to be held in Montreal. He will be participating in a panel on on Security, Intellectual Property, Privacy, and Integrity of Open Research Data, held on September 18th in collaboration with Université de Montréal, the Cyberjustice Laboratory and the Chaire LexUM, where he will discuss Licensing Open Research Data. […] Read more