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Food Revolutions and the Law of Food – Les enjeux locaux, nationaux et internationaux Monday February 18th, 15h-17h, Room 16 Old Chancellor Day Hall, McGill Faculty of Law, 3644 rue Peel, Free Entry for General Public, Bar Credit for CLE 30$ Food for Law Week will begin with two keynote speakers who will set the […] Read more

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IP News January 2019

Welcome to IP News This Month, your monthly round-up of intellectual property developments, culled from news reports around the globe. Please send any comments toJeff—and tell your friends to subscribe here!  Top 3 Stories U.S. Justice Department indictment accuses Huawei of stealing trade secrets from phone carrier, placing Canada in the middle of a superpower showdown Getting FUCT: In […] Read more


Innovation in Context

The word “innovation” pops up everywhere. It refers to everything from technology to services to economic growth – but is innovation just about goods and services or does it depend on who we are, our institutions, culture and education? To highlight the social context of innovation, we are organizing a one-day interdisciplinary workshop, Innovation in […] Read more


Live Screening: AstraZeneca Canada v Apotex

Join the CIPP on November 8th for a Supreme Court of Canada viewing party! It’s AstraZeneca (The Swedes) vs. Apotex (The Canadians) in an epic struggle over patent law! Come see the future of Canadian innovation be legislated by (up to!) nine Justices in a no-holds-barred battle royale. The morning’s proceedings will feature all the […] Read more


The Social Costs of Innovation: Law, Society, and the Greater Good

Law and innovation are usually framed in technological terms. Discussions focus on the means to incentivize technological development and regulate the use of new technologies. The assumption is that technological change is consubstantial with societal progress. As a result, lawyers and policy makers focus their efforts and critiques on whether or not law effectively supports or […] Read more

CIPP/Lallemand Seminars

Beyond IP: The Cost of Free Informational Capitalism in a Post IP Era

Guy Pessach is a Law Professor at the Faculty of Law, Hebrew University Jerusalem. His main areas of research are Copyright Law, Comparative and International Aspects of the Creative Industries and Law & Technology. Guy was a Fulbright Scholar, Residential Fellow at the Information Society Project, Yale Law School; a Visiting Professor at Columbia Law […] Read more

CIPP/Lallemand Seminars

Non-Traditional Trademarks Unplugged: Or Should Trademark Law Protect Aesthetic Product Features?

The next CIPP/Lallemand Seminar will feature Irene Calboli on Non-Traditional Trademarks Unplugged: Or Should Trademark Law Protect Aesthetic Product Features? The event is open to all and CLE accreditation has been requested. There is a $40 charge for lawyers seeking CLE accreditation.   Abstract In the past decades, the scope of trademark protection has exponentially expanded. Today, a […] Read more


Understanding the TPP: IP Protection and Investment Protection

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is one of a series of major new trade agreements (CETA between Canada and the EU, and the TTIP between the USA and the EU) which Canada may join or which may have an important impact on Canada. Two of the most controversial chapters of the TPP cover Intellectual Property Rights and […] Read more

CIPP/Lallemand Seminars

CIPP/Lallemand/McGill Arbitration Student Society Seminar: Intellectual Property Rights as Foreign Direct Investment: When Intellectual Property Crosses Borders: Dangers and Opportunities

The MASS former executive member and a doctoral candidate at McGill University Lukas Vanhonnaeker will be giving a presentation on Intellectual Property Rights as Foreign Direct Investment on January 20, 2016 at 4pm in Room 316. Le séminaire est organisé par le Centre des politiques en propriété intellectuelle, la Société étudiante d’arbitrage de McGill et […] Read more