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Food Revolutions and the Law of Food – Les enjeux locaux, nationaux et internationaux Monday February 18th, 15h-17h, Room 16 Old Chancellor Day Hall, McGill Faculty of Law, 3644 rue Peel, Free Entry for General Public, Bar Credit for CLE 30$ Food for Law Week will begin with two keynote speakers who will set the […] Read more

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IP News January 2019

Welcome to IP News This Month, your monthly round-up of intellectual property developments, culled from news reports around the globe. Please send any comments toJeff—and tell your friends to subscribe here!  Top 3 Stories U.S. Justice Department indictment accuses Huawei of stealing trade secrets from phone carrier, placing Canada in the middle of a superpower showdown Getting FUCT: In […] Read more


Intellectual property and international trade in goods: North-american and european perspectives

This year’s topic is the interplay between distribution and intellectual property law. The latter plays an important role in transactions for goods and international trade agreements, and emerges as a difficult topic in Canada-Europe trade negotiations. Indeed, intellectual property permeates many transactions, and has to interact, sometimes with difficulty, with conventional property and other legal […] Read more


CIPP Seminars 2012-2013 in collaboration with Lallemand – Infrastructure: The Social Value of Shared Resources

Speaker: Prof. Brett Frischmann, Professor of Law at the Cardozo Law School (New York). Prof. Frischmann’s expertise is in intellectual property and internet law. His presentation will focus on the topic of his newest book, Infrastructure: The Social Value of Shared Resources, which examines the relationships between infrastructural resources, property rights, commons and spillovers. From […] Read more


CIPP Seminars 2012-2013 – Professor Matt Stahl – Property in the Job or Property in the Work? The Hollywood Talents Guilds, Technological Displacement, and the Development of the Re-Use Right

Speaker: Matt Stahl is an Assistant Professor of Information and Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario, where he is also a member of the Digital Labour Research Group; his PhD in Communication was awarded by the University of California, San Diego in 2006. Stahl’s research focuses on creative labour in the cultural industries. […] Read more


CIPP Seminars 2012-2013 in collaboration with Lallemand – The Future of Things: The Copyright Work as Legal Object

Speaker: Michael J. Madison is a Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the Innovation Practice Institute at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. He specializes in the law, policy, and theory of intellectual property. His scholarship on intellectual property law, property theory, and commons has appeared in law reviews […] Read more


CIPP Seminars 2012-2013 in collaboration with Lallemand Inc. – Copyright as an Engine of Censorship

Speaker: Professor Peter Yu holds the Kern Family Chair in Intellectual Property Law and is the founding director of the Intellectual Property Law Center at Drake University Law School. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Professor Yu is a leading expert in international intellectual property and communications law. He also writes and lectures extensively on […] Read more


CIPP Seminar Series 2011-2012 – “Copyfraud and Other Abuses of Intellectual Property Law”

Speaker: Professor Jason Mazzone is the Gerald Baylin Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School. He teaches Intellectual Property Law, Constitutional Law, and Legal History. He received his undergraduate and law degrees from Harvard University, a master’s degree from Stanford University, and a master’s and doctorate from Yale University. He is a member of the […] Read more